How much is a LED transparent screen squared?
The transparent LED display has a permeability of 60% to 90%, and the fashionable and fantastic display effect has won the favor of the market. It is widely used in exhibitions, stage performances, glass curtain walls and other fields. Many people will ask how much is a transparent square LED screen? In fact, if you want to know the price of LED transparent screen, you need to understand the following:

We usually say how much a square LED transparent screen, refers to the cost of the screen, the price is generally more expensive than the conventional screen. In fact transparent LED display price components: screen price, main control box, air box, mounting accessories.

1: The price of LED transparent screen occupies more than 60% of the total project investment. The LED screens are composed of modules, power supplies, boxes, and cable power cables.
2: The control system, mainly the main control box, sends a signal to each screen so that each pixel is controlled
3: Installation accessories: computer (desktop computer), distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), video processor (optional).

4. Air box: The main role is to facilitate packaging and transportation

other instructions:
Price Description: General LED transparent screen manufacturers have reported tax price
Payment method: 30% prepaid, balance paid before delivery;
Acceptance criteria: corporate standards, product technical indicators meet the manufacturer's technical specifications, higher than the relevant industry standards.
After-sales maintenance: Wittim free warranty period is 2 years (free return to factory maintenance or maintenance materials provided free of charge); lifetime maintenance, only charge for materials.

The above is a question about how much a LED transparent screen a square, more about transparent LED display display, and price service related information, please contact us!
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