The difference between rental LED display and conventional LED display
Compared to traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, rental LED displays have different uses and functions. Here is the difference between the stage LED rental screen and the traditional LED display:

1. Different types of selection

As the stage rental LED display screen is high for the show, the screen playback requirements are more clear. Therefore, the general indoor environment adopts the P3 P4 model of high-definition screen, even more stringent will use a small pitch P2.5 P2, outdoor use P6 P5 models. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display, due to the viewing distance or display requirements are not high, the indoor general use P5 P4 models, outdoor use is the most P10, followed by P16.

VTEAM rental led display screen

2. Cabinet difference
Traditional outdoor LED display, the box will do waterproof treatment, the structure is relatively heavy. Indoor use of LED simple box; and stage LED rental display, because the box is often disassembled and moved, usually made of die-casting aluminum box.

We know that stage LED screens are mostly mounted ceiling or wall mounted. With these two installation methods, there is a high requirement for the weight and safety of the rental screen. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked high, and the way of lifting, the rental screen must be light and thin. At present, it is a die-casting aluminum box, and the connection must be solid, reliable, and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to the on-site personnel due to the installation negligence.
Stage LED rental screens often need to be carried by automobiles, ships, or planes. During the transportation process, the edges of the rental LED screen may be bumped due to bumps. However, in order not to affect the use effect, the LED rental display must have a certain level of resistance. Loss, so that it can reduce the electronic components caused by shipping damage, so as not to affect the normal display function.
3. the installation method
As mentioned earlier, the stage rental LED display is easy to disassemble and install. For example, a concert can be completed and it can be disassembled and transported to another stage site. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display is usually a fixed installation method. After the installation position is fixed, it will not move easily.
4. rapid replacement and maintenance
When the rental screen displays a partial display failure, the stage LED display rental screen must be partially replaceable, and it must be replaced quickly to ensure that the performance is performed normally.
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