VTEAM LED transparent screen for the second season of "the war of nature"
By dragon TV dedecates road to build a large star element combining with inspirational music program in the second quarter, the war of the music under the people's anticipation, on October 15, a strong return to big screen TV, updated every Sunday night at 21:00. On the basis of the fixed mentor Karen Mok, fei yuqing, hua chenyu and Yang kun, zhang's arrival is full of expectations.

 transparent LED screen vClear-3.9

While keeping music challenging, breakthrough and quality, the theme of xing su will be upgraded again, and the singing will work together with the vegetarian zero distance to ignite the hot spot.The lighting and dance is also transformed and upgraded, and the changing of the triangular element in the ceiling makes the stage have more modern sense of technology, and the matching of color is more pleasing to the eye.

LED transparent display vClear-3.9

On stage background, the LED transparent screen vClear-3.9 and 7.8, which are independently developed by VTEAM, have a total area of 480 square meters. The screen body is thin and thin, without the need of steel structure support, the structure of lifting beam is used for hoisting. The high permeability reduces the obstacles to the stage lighting and strengthens the longitudinal vision of the stage space; The screen dazzle color screen rich transform, with lamplight and modelling foil, let the audience immerse in the song and atmosphere.

LED transparent screen vClear-3.9

The cooperation with Oriental satellite TV is not incidental coincidence, as the domestic first-class transparent led screen manufacturer, VTEAM transparent LED screen products and engineering solutions for the industry leading, build Beijing Internet party, guangzhou auto show, Aaron kwok concert, case, concert and so on one batch of high-quality goods, accumulated a good user reputation.
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