• Only know the area How to calculate the size of rental LED display
    Sometimes the customer is not clear the specific size of the LED screen, manufacturers recommend, only know about the area, for the kind of situation, how to calculate the indoor LED rental display size?  For example: customers in VTEAM an area of 24 square meters of Vetris series...
  • Common rental LED die-casting aluminum box size?
    Because of the stage, performing arts and other needs, it is often used to rental LED display screen, LED box is spliced into large screen. LED die-casting aluminum case, small size, more mobile convenience, stitching precision, unpacking and maintenance is very convenient. So what are th...
  • Why are transparent LED display more customized?
    After several years of development, the market for LED transparent display is expanding. As we all know, LED transparent screen has the characteristics of permeable, beautiful and so on, in the commercial market, the transparent screen application is popular. Since 2016, like sweet mu large...
  • The latest transparent LED screen size reference for 2017
    LED transparent screen has the characteristics of high permeability, light and thin. Need transparent LED display or potential demand friend, want to know about product information, the transparent LED screen specifications typically begin, the following VTEAM, common transparent LE...
  • What are the differences between outdoor and indoor LED transparent screens?
    Outdoor LED transparent screen, the area is generally between a few dozen square metre to a few hundred square metre, the brightness is relatively high, can work in the sunlight, have the function characteristic that prevent wind, rain and waterproof. Indoor LED transparent screen is relativ...
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