•  Why LED transparent screen rarely used in the field of outdoor?
    At present, LED transparent screen and more for indoor environment, including the stage,glass curtain wall, auto show and other fields. So why LED transparent screen rarely used in the field of outdoor? The main reasons are as follows: 1. Outdoor requirements waterproof We know that conve...
  • What LED sky screen design requirements?
    LED sky screen is installed in the ceiling of the building, played rendering, decoration, lighting effects. Generally applicable to high-grade star hotel lobby, commercial pedestrian street, the city center square and other large building ceiling, large area, light weight, different shapes. So,...
  • Shopping center LED screen installation application requirements
    Mall placed suitable LED large screen, for brand promotion and product promotion is very important, the following summary shopping center LED screen installation application requirements: First, the indoor shopping center LED display The main role: shopping center LED display screen t...
  • Rental LED display size how to calculate? Attached cabinet specification table
    Rental LED screen size specifications? To understand this issue, you must have an understanding of leasing LED display models, the following is the information provided by  VTEAM rental LED display size and calculation method:   Rental LED screen size calculation: For ...
  • LED transparent screen resolution and the relationship between models?
     LED transparent display resolution is what? What is the relationship between LED transparent screen model and it? A lot of contact with the transparent LED screen friends, we must want to know the reason, following the VTEAM photoelectric look together:    What is th...
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