• Stage rental LED display how to choose
    In the concert, a large stage and commercial exhibition and other activities, you can see the stage rental LED display of the figure, through the stage LED display live live performances, rich in content, vivid. For the intention of the needs of friends, stage rental LED display how to ch...
  • P3 and P5 transparent LED display of the difference, which is better
    P3 and P5 transparent LED display the difference? In fact, for such a problem, VTEAM from the technical level up for you to answer. Playback clarity and permeability of the LED transparent screen is the two most important indicators, we through several major technical indicators to an...
  • What is LED floor screen? The characteristic of LED floor tile screen
    What is LED floor screen? Floor tile of the LED screen is designed for display of the LED display on the ground, the bearing, protective performance, and the heat dissipation performance special design, make its can adapt the high strength trample, long time running. Interaction LED f...
  • Transparent LED screen and OLED difference, which is better?
    Many people have this question, LED transparent screen and OLED distinction, which is better? To understand the transparent LED display and OLED difference, we can from the following aspects analysis: Transparent LED screen is different from OLED 1., light imaging principle i...
  • LED display 5 kinds of wireless control mode advantages and disadvantages of contrast
        In order to achieve transparent LED display mobile control, get rid of the traditional wired fixed computer control, wireless control can not only want to control your LED transparent display, and convenient, the following together to understand the five LED transparent displ...
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